Andy Warhol’s play Pork opened. The cast included a sixteen-year-old drag queen named HARVEY FIERSTEIN

According to Fierstein, “Andy Warhol contacted Tony Ingrassia and told him he wanted to do a play from all the tapes he’d been making of his private telephone conversations with the Factory crowd, people like Brigid Polk and Viva. He turned all these incredible tapes over to Tony, who had to transcribe them and put them into play form. Warhol thought Tony was the perfect person to do it… and he wanted me and Jaime DeCarlo Lotts and Tony Zanetta to be in it.

“It would be Andy Warhol’s first stage production, and basically it was just all of the Factory people portrayed on stage in an exaggerated, ridiculous way. Brigid Polk was turned into a character called Amanda Pork, played by Cleve Roller. My character was based on Viva, but the name was changed to Vulva Lips. When Viva heard about it she was not amused. She used to ring up the Factory and scream at Andy and Paul Morrissey, ‘At least Brigid is being played by a woman!’ she said.”

Other characters in the play included the “Pepsodent Twins” who, according to Jayne, represented Warhol’s boyfriend Jed Johnson and his twin brother, Jay. According to a later review of the London production, “[Amanda] Pork is estranged from her husband and attended by the Pepsodent twins, two boys alike only in their nudity and their pastel powdered genitals.”