Get in line, Spain… In what was probably Canada’s highest profile Gay wedding of the year two Canadian Mounties tied the knot on this date. CONSTABLE JASON TREE, 27, and CONSTABLE DAVID CONNORS, 28, met while in high school. It was the first same-sex marriage within the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the couple wore the distinctive scarlet dress uniforms the force is known for worldwide. “I think it’s great if we change the public perception,” said Tree, 27, who patrols a stretch of rural fishing communities along the Bay of Fundy. “If the public sees the RCMP as representing the diversity of the community, that is good.” About 25 miles away, Connors, 28, helps to police Yarmouth, a town of 8,000.

The two men met in college and have been partners ever since. The force has assigned the two men close together, as it does with other couples, and fellow officers “have all been great,” Tree said from their home in Meteghan, southwest of Halifax. “This is a first for us,” RCMP spokesperson Sgt. Skidmore told a local paper. “Certainly, the RCMP welcomes a workforce that is representative of Canadian society, and that is the case here.”