Donald J. Trump received the nuclear codes. Post-swearing in on this date he appointed as many or more Wall Street executives to a variety of positions in his administration, many of whom were formerly adamantly opposed to the missions of their appointed agencies. At the same time his Secretary of State, a lifetime employee and finally CEO of Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, while he lasted, relentlessly gutted the state department. The Foreign Service officer corps at State lost 60 percent of its Career Ambassadors since January of that first year. Ranks of Career Ministers, State’s three-star equivalents, were down from 33 to 19. The ranks of two-star Minister Counselors fell from 431 right after Labor Day to 369 —and continued to fall. 

Trump, a vulgar narcissist, praised racists and white nationalists, which should come as no surprise considering he installed tinfoil-hatted nationalist Steve Bannon in the White House (and pardoned on his way out). Bannon departed but the damage he continues to wreak from the sidelines is no less worrying. 

And then there was the whole matter of Trump’s seeming love affair with Vladimir Putin and the trail of crumbs and bums that lead back to Moscow. A self-proclaimed sexual predator, and under investigation for conspiracy and collusion he will go down in history as the Worst President in American History, and as the only president ever to be impeached twice. Stay tuned. We await the  indictment of the Orange Menace, his slimy family and his greedy cronies. As one of his last gasps while declining to acknowledge his loss in the 2020 election, he incited a mob of his followers to invade the Capitol in an attempt at a coup. Stay tuned.

A draft-dodging three times-divorced liar and grifter who wraps himself in a false flag of patriotism he remains the darling of the craven right wing theocrats. He is a disgusting person. It is impossible to run out of negative things to say about him because as soon as you think you’ve hit on it, he goes lower.