The VAGINA MUSEUM opened in London’s Camden Market;  In July we talked about the Penis Museum, one of the top tourist attractions in Reykjavic, Iceland. Now, in a sort of response to its erection,  it has a sister museum across the pond, in London. The Vagina Museum is the first of its kind and is driven by a mission for social justice and public health initiatives.

Visitors to the museum will discover informational posters and sculptures, a small shop with vaginally themed products and an events calendar that includes a dinner for Trans Day of Remembrance and “Cliterature” (book club) meetings.

The anatomy has such complex politics around it that we found it was best to first engage people through what they know, so we can teach them things they don’t know,” said the museum curator, Sarah Creed. “It’s all about unpacking social constructs and changing perspective through engagement.”