Toby Johnson’s latest book reviewed in Washington Blade

Rvu_tobywalter2spiritsToby Johnson, White Crane‘s former publisher and current contributing editor, has recently written a book with Walter L. Williams titled Two Spirits: A Story of Life With the Navaho.  It recently received a very favorable review in the pages of the Washington Blade newspaper.

"gay authors Walter L. Williams and Toby Johnson deftly unveil the great histories of gay people as seen through the mythic and cultural expressions of the Navajo."

You can read Jesse Monteagudo’s review in the September issue of White Crane and you can purchase the book at Lambda Rising On Line or via Toby Johnson’s website at

One thought on “Toby Johnson’s latest book reviewed in Washington Blade”

  1. Ha! This was funny to log on to this and see mention of the article I wrote about “Two Spirits.” It’s a fantastic book that I’m recommending to anyone who can’t get away from me fast enough.

    Aside from the topic, the book works on a literary level, too, beautifully evoking the landscape of the West as its own character – something anyone who’s ever lived out there knows to be true.

    It reminded me of my trips up to Canyon de Chelley, part of the sacred lands of the Dine. Stunning area with some incredible energetics.

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