White Crane #70 – Poem by C. Cleo Creech

June 22, 1969-June 27, 1969
by C. Cleo Creech

A partial Filmography:

1937, Broadway Melody of 1938
1939, The Wizard of Oz
1940, Strike Up the Band
1941, Ziegfield Girl
1944, Meet Me in St. Louis
1946, Ziegfield Follies of 1946
1948, Easter Parade
1950, Summer Stock
1954, A Star is Born
1963, I Could Go On Singing

It had been a rough week.
It always is when stars fall from the sky.
The drag queen Judys drowning their sorrows,
With cheap beer down off Sheridan Square.
Go-go boys dancing on the bar.

There was the Meet Me in St. Louis Judy,
Sad hobo at the Palace, Judy,
And a whole flock of Dorothy Gails.
Mascara tears ran down their stubbled cheeks
As they Lip-synced to well-worn albums.

The raid was the just the last straw,
And just ask Rosa Parks
About how revolutions get started
When you’re just too damn tired
To keep moving to the back of the bus.

So this night, the cowardly lion
Grew some brass cahones
Scarecrow figured it all out, and
Tinman felt the injustice
Deep down in his new heart.

By the time the Flying Monkeys
Flew in with riot gear
The good People of Oz
Were tearing up the Yellow Brick Road
So they’d have bricks to throw.

Dorothy screamed to the bartender
“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore”
And the Good Witch reminded her,
“You had the power all along,
But you wouldn’t have believed it.”

And with the twister spinning all around,
Dorothy clicked her ruby slippers
We will never go back,
We will never go back,
We will never go back.

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