We have a few questions for you about your butt…

                                         ANAL SEX!Life_lube_1 

There…now that we have your attentionAnalchili_2

AIDS Foundation of Chicago, one of three national organizations in the new Sexual Health Xchange (SHX) collaboration has partnered with AIDS Project Los Angeles and Boston’s AIDS Action Committee to expand the range of sexual health education resources available to men who have sex with men. And together, they’re all doing some really smart work.

This last Valentine’s Day, SHX launched a new sexual health site at http://www.LifeLube.org. The site promotes a healthy, holistic and integrated gay sexuality that goes beyond HIV and STDs to embrace body, mind, and soul. They’re striving to build connections between and among gay and bi men toward a healthier, nurturing, and more vibrant community.

One of the fun things they’re promoting now is a survey on lubricants used for anal sex – in 6 languages – linked right on the homepage. Dick_cleaners

Smart Sex is Safe Sex…and Safe Sex is SEXY!

                       Please check it all out!

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