The French Get It Right…Bénédictions sur leur mariage.

Chateau02mini I was trawling through the muck of the internet today, and of course, THE most important thing happening, other than Live Earth is…Eva Longoria’s wedding at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte.

First of all, talk about real estate!

Anyway, someone said something about a beautiful dress, and while I could care less about Desperate Housewives, I like Eva well enough, and I’m as queer as the next fellow about a pretty frock, so I went looking for it. Abc_cityhall_070706_ssh_2

And found this:

"He praised Longoria’s choice of dresses and designer – the 32-year-old wore a pink Chanel mini dress on her way into the town hall, but changed into a white dress in the district mayor’s office. French law requires a civil ceremony even when couples marry in a church."

Eva_070706_ssv_2 Wow! What a concept…religious folks get their God’s church blessing on the whole matter if they want, but somehow, it seems, the French have acknowledged that the state has a stake in this that is separate from and different than the church’s.

Imagine that…some kind of separation of the church’s interest and the state’s. What must it be like to live in a society like that?

Bénédictions sur leur mariage.

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