New Yorker Ahmadinejad cover

20071002_newyorker_6Bo gave me a heads up that the new New Yorker cover was a must-see.

In a move of sheer brilliance it features a wonderful Barry Blitt illustration of the Iranian president Ahmadinejad in a bathroom stall with a sandle-clad foot tapping from the stall next door. 

Just fantastic when an artist can combine three stories in one panel.  Also fascinating to see how the Larry Craig narrative has become a mainstream touchstone.  What a perfect way to blow a hole through Ahmadinejad’s preposterous statement that there are no homosexuals in Iran. 

20071002_blittnewyorker Barry Blitt is perhaps my favorite cover illustrator and as Bo’s bathroom can attest, he’s drawn a lot of the gay themed covers to the New Yorker.  Bo has them framed on his wall there.  I used to have Blitt’s great gay take on the famous Armistice kiss on my wall when I was living in Chicago.  He’s a marvelous illustrator.

The New Yorker has all of his images for sale in different formats too on their online store.

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