WC74 – Malcolm Boyd – Moments Between Lovers

74_malcolmboyd Moments Between Lovers
By Malcolm Boyd

Your eyes are closed in sleep.

You look relaxed, happy and content to be with me. You share my time and space, being and heart.

I like to sit quietly with you; share a meal, friends, laughter, a film; shop with you Saturdays at the market; hold you in my arms.

Now I look away from your face because I have no wish to intrude on your private dreams or startle you with my intensity if you should awaken.

But the clock radio by our bed tells me I must get up to start a new day.  I don’t stir.  I am grateful you are warm and dear, sweet and sharing, and love me.  I am happy to start this new day with you.
We are in the kitchen.

You are making what appears to be a postmodern salad that has bright colors.  I am readying a sauce.
The only sound is my butter and oil simmering.  I’ll sauté mushrooms before adding them.  You are about to cook asparagus.

My task requires total concentration, and I must confess you are bothering me slightly by getting in my way.
Nevertheless, it is a lovely moment with rich smells, stove warmth, shared physical involvement, and a mutual purpose.

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The Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd began his career in the production company of Mary Pickford and was the first president of the Television Producers Association of Hollywood. He is now, of course, Poet/writer-In-Residence of the Los Angeles Episcopal Archdiocese and an advisor to White Crane Institute.  His Gay Classic Take Off the Masks was recently republished by White Crane Books which will publish the Malcolm Boyd Reader in 2008.

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