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Teddy_bear I get a little tired of most modern media telegraphing what our response is supposed to be. It strikes me that they do their own polling, find out what the general popular response is going to be (or what they decide it should be) and then we all get fed the story with this incipient slant again and again until it is accepted as truth.

The one that really brought this to my own attention is how the Shiite cleric Muqtada al Sadr is never mentioned in any report…I mean never…as anything other than "radical Shiite cleric" Muqtada al Sadr. Now don’t get me wrong…I do not mean in any way to defend al Sadr, who I suspect is as radical as they come, and no friend of western culture. I’m sure he is probably not someone any of us would want to invite into our homes. But do we really need media (the "liberal" media….it is to laugh!) reminding us of this at every opportunity? At the very least it speaks to a lack of vocabulary or just sheer laziness on the part of the writers.

There also seems to be a vested interest in sowing the seeds of fear ("The Fear of the Week" as I call it) in our minds with respect to Islam. And again…I am no fan of Islam. Nor am I a fan of Christianity, for that matter. Or Judaism. Or any of the Patriarchal, hierarchal, anti-Nature, anti-woman, anti-sex religions. But you don’t hear media reports as often…and by this I mean the constant drum beat about the seemingly insane responses that Muslims seem to have to the merest perceived slight (see: Teddy bear story)…about Fundamentalist Christianity’s insane insistance on 2000 year old readings of scripture used to villify Gay people. Ditto with Judaism, for that matter. And we certainly haven’t seen any similar excoriating of Tom Brokaw’s insidious history of the 1960s that doesn’t merely neglect LGBT people, but presents only the views and comments of our enemies. This is not a free and fair media. This is not "fair and balanced" either. And the sanctimony that accompanies all this is particularly gauling.

I mean…just what kind of clothing is the corporate media Emperor wearing?

Just asking.

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