Jim David on Mitt Romney

Gay Comedian Jim David has a great posting about Mitt Romney.  Pretty funny, but perhaps best at reminding me of the old Lawrence Welk show.  Some choice bits:

"Everyone on the [Lawrence Welk] show was a conservative’s dream of perfect America, guaranteed to never offend the Geritol audience–wholesome as Sunday school in Topeka, impeccably coiffed and attired, so well behaved you wanted to fart in their face just to get a reaction. Watching it always made me hate white people, and I’m white."

"An automaton who makes Disney’s Hall Of Presidents seem alive, Romney desperately tries to project the image of a perfect America with a perfect wife and perfect sons with their perfect little Osmond babies and their perfect bank accounts and their perfect morals until you want to puke your perfect guts out. Look at the Romney family Christmas card and try to hold in the vomit."

Read it in its entirety here: [link].

One thought on “Jim David on Mitt Romney”

  1. Jim David has it absolutely right! I wondered why Romney creeped me out everytime I looked at him. It’s more than his policies or opinion–it’s visceral. Now I love the Lawrence Welk show and still watch it, but for the camp factor. They were all so perfect and white, you just know there were scandalous skeletons in at least a few closets. That’s what bothers me about Romney–he’s trying so hard to be perfectly acceptable. Really now, who wants that?

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