The Goddess Dance

Kali2 Let love die at the altar of pain
Let pain reign supreme in every cell
Cell division germinating into newer and newer pain
Pain so deeply seated, that I have successfully gone numb

My heart lies scattered at every check post and borders
Patriot Act and National Security has sealed my fate
Chemicals and silicon are safe and sanitized

For it is on the ashes of past does the goddess dance
And for the first time fear,pain and joys of the past lay burnt, ashes flying away to mild summer breeze
I my dear friends am a liberated soul

I cram T tests and globalization theory
The thumping of my lungs to the mid afternoon jog flushes dirt out
and may love, strength and joy enter my very soul again

Fresh salty Nebraska precum will quench my thirst
Goofy smiles, freshly cooked chicken curry with Carl
Off beat movies with Eddie
Long conversations over crackling cell phones
Sisters far away and yet so close

Together we wash pain
and dry ourselves in the mild spring sun

It has been a long winter
Let summer cum!

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