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Letters to the Editors we’ve received.

More likely bottoming

Did anyone else think Frank Johnson’s essay in the Winter ‘07 issue would have been more accurately titled “Strangelove: Or How I Finally Learned to Stop Worrying and Become a Bottom”? How his admission that he “still go[es] for the Tadzios and Timberlakes of the world” and that he “wouldn’t say [he’s] into bears specifically” shows that he’s come to “love the bears” is lost on me.

Louisville, Kentucky

Legal threats

This is to inform you that a major lawsuit will be started on the 15th of next month. You don’t seem aware that I have worked for the past 17 years on my masterwork “The Bearable Rightness of Being,” a study of the theology of Karl Barth. (It will change the focus of global theology for the next century.) A small Lebanese press is bringing it out next summer. It is inconceivable to me that you have sought neither to ask permission to use my title (my masterwork) nor to acknowledge the debt owed me by the entire literary and spiritual community for more than two decades of my creative sacrifice! My attorney will send you the relevant papers. I hope you realize I am willing to take this all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. I will prove that “The Bearable Rightness of Being” has both ancient and medieval roots.

Aspects of this will reach the highest levels of the Vatican and Canterbury. Bear with me, Mr. Young.

Los Angeles, California

Monumental Praise

Today I was delighted to receive my first issue of White Crane.

I believe the larger world is about to undergo what the Gay community experienced during the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic: As the planet warms, and we continue depleting the world’s natural resources, humanity faces an environmental crisis of unprecedented proportions.

Gay men who have become enlightened to their unique gifts and spirituality will play a key role in the survival of the human race.

White Crane is a publication of monumental importance.

Best regards,

St. David’s, Pennsylvania

Getting a charge out of it

Dear Bo & Dan, I recently received my first issue of White Crane (Fall 2007). From the moment I saw the Egyptian couple on the cover I felt electrified in the best possible way. I truly enjoyed every bit of your magazine, even the ads. Professional American writing, and the photographs combine the earthly with the heavenly.

Love you guys,

Atlantic CANADA

A beacon of hope and light

I subscribed to White Crane expecting not much, or, not knowing what to expect, and have been surprised and delighted with each issue I have received. Your magazine is like a beacon of hope and light in this overly cynical age. The interviews are thoughtful and well researched, and the articles well written; never apologetic or in bad taste.

I am privileged to receive copies of White Crane in New Zealand, and pleased to pay a little more for that privilege.


Wanganui, New Zealand

Place more important than time

As I was reading through Toby Johnson’s review of The Undeniable Longing by Mark Tedesco, I found myself laughing when I reached Toby’s incredulity at Tedesco’s confusion in 1978. Specifically Tedesco’s being “so unaware of homosexuality.”

Well as someone born in 1983 and having entered seminary in 2001, I can only empathize with Tedesco, having shared much of the same confusion a few more decades after Stonewall. Mind you, it only took me a year to discover the beautiful world of Gay men and leave the seminary, but I was still terribly confused and tremendously sheltered. It was only after exploring Washington, DC away from the watchful eyes of my rector that I found that I was Gay, or at least found a word to describe my own undeniable longing.

Time is not as important as place on some journeys of personal discovery. Tedesco was simply not in the right place to take advantage of 1978.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

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