Atlanta Queer Lit Fest


Some wonderful news coming out of Atlanta.  The Atlanta Queer Literary Festival (AQLF for short) is building up to being a great event this year.

I spoke with great Atlanta poet and organizer Collin Kelley, who’s on the planning committee for the festival, and they’ve really gone all out to expand their second annual literary festival.  He spoke of the desire to have another venue for Queer writers.   


The festival will feature Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning authors, poets, playwrights and more. There will be readings, poetry slams, workshops, signings, theatre events and much more.  They’ve asked me to come read and I’m deeply honored to be a part of this auspicious undertaking. 

There are a number of poets I’ve heard from who are planning on attending and reading.

The planning group will be announcing the list of invited readers next week.  Should be an interesting list.

The dates for the fest are Oct. 15 -19 at various locations to be announced around the city.

Sounds like a festival to add to your Fall calendar!

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