Voodoo Economics

Feeling trickled on yet?

Voodoo The Republicans never tire of promising the average American great prosperity based on how many yachts the wealthy can ski behind, based on their never-ending tax cuts, tax breaks and the other nonsense…who was it?…oh yeah, George Herbert Walker Bush…back when he was in truth-telling mode…called “voodoo economics” shortly before he laid down, threw his legs into the air and became Ronnie Raygun’s partner in crime.

These crises, ladies and gentlemen, are the wages of voodoo economics.

Throw the bums out!

We’re being told on a daily basis that the sky is about to fall, and unless we act now, unless we act quickly, dire consequences will follow. Just like they did for the Patriot Act and just like they did for the Iraq war and the weapons of mass destruction. Are there no alternatives? Is this sledge hammer plan the only answer? Do we live in a world that has only one answer to any question?  A rather badly figured alternative "plan" has been circulating around the internet, calling for a mass redistribution of the $85 billion we’re buying AIG with…or the $700 billion the whole mess seems to be costing (and even that figure seems to be something they picked out of thin air…and the air is pretty thin at the levels this is being decided)…and distributing those monies to every 18-year-old-and-above citizen. The math is way off…but not too long ago all we were hearing was how expensive it was going to be to "save" Social Security…and now, all of a sudden, we can put our hands on $700 billion to "save" Wall Street and the credit market? I’m sorry…how’s that again?Fiscalconservative

Something stinks. Who do you trust? The banks don’t trust each other. The taxpayer is being held hostage by threats of economic collapse. And, even more disorienting, I find myself nodding when I hear Newt Gingrich talk!…and that’s just terrifying. And McCain is talking out of both sides of his mouth

Here’s one thing I firmly believe: Can’t we please take the microphone away from this President? Hasn’t he caused enough damage? What is served by his continued blathering drone, reciting the obvious and offering nothing but the grim face of his flaccid intellect?

And maybe…just maybe, the economic health of the nation shouldn’t entirely be based on the wealth of corporations? Isn’t this a perfect time to question the "personhood" of corporations? Why do corporations have the same rights…in some cases more rights…than you and me and every other individual taxpaying citizen? I would love to hear someone start talking about "corporate responsibility" and "corporate bootstraps" the way we get treated to "individual responsibility" sermons.

Stop holding an economic gun to our heads and start talking sense.

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