Hope For Change…

Something uplifting for Pride…and the weekend…

When seniors at a public high school in the Bronx, Mott Haven High, cast their votes for "Best Couple" earlier this year, they chose a pair they admire but who definitely defy the stereotype of best couple. ….


… Victoria Cruz and Deoine in their own words:

"When the papers came out for people to vote, it said "best couple: pick a boy and a girl." Deoine and Maribel went around to every class telling them to vote for us. Deoine asked if I voted and I said "no," but then I was thinking about President Obama and I told myself "one vote could make a difference," so I scratched out "boy" and I put "girl".

"Teachers, classmates, and people outside tell us we are "perfect"…but we're  not. We go through the same mistakes other relationships go through—disagreements (a lot of those, oh my God), we're both stubborn, and we have broken up a couple of times. But, we're still staying close. And next year, we're both going to college in New York. Hopefully this love lasts forever."

[…with thanks to WNYC.]VikkyDeoine

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