Remember Maine!!

Maine-map-lg With all the resources at our disposal, it would be a great waste for us not to send them to the State of Maine to defeat an attempt to repeal the marriage equality legislation this November.

The most important thing to do is to donate money and to donate it now. Don't wait until the last minute to give. Give it now. Consider this: The election in Maine is three months away. What if 100,000 of us make a commitment to give $10 a month for those three months? That would give them three million dollars by election day which is a lot of money in Maine!

If, somehow, you could afford $20 a month ($5 a week!) it would mean six million dollars. That's one less latte a week. That's less than one tank of gas over the next three months! How exciting it would be if the blogger community, straight-allied and LGBT, mount a campaign to "Remember Maine" and attempt to reach that goal. Don't wait to be invited to the ball, donate now without being asked.

Just click here.


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