Tom Ford on Becoming Post Human

Tomford So, I just heard Teri Gross interview with Tom Ford about his new movie adaptation of Christopher Isherwood's story "A Single Man." Gross also asked for his opinion on the state of fashion.  He made some comments about the current state of fashion and how we imagine the body these days.  I went back to the audio to capture it.  Fascinating comments:

"Right now everything is pumped up.  Cars look like someone took an air pump and pumped them up. They look engorged.  Lips, pumped up.  Breasts, pumped up.  Everything is pumped up. And it's also kind of offputting.  It's sexual but in such a hard way that it's, for me, not sexual at all…

We are becoming post-human.  Actually we are!  We are actually starting to manipulate bodies, because we can, into a shape.  We are becoming our own art.  What happens for me is it desexualizes everything.  You know you start to become more polished or more lacquered, like a beautiful car.  Does anyone want to sleep with you?  Does anyone want to touch you?  Does anyone want to kiss you?  Maybe not, because you're too scary!  But, you're beautiful, you're glossy, you're shiny, but you're not human.  Very interesting. It's fascinating culturally."  Tom Ford in his interviewed by Teri Gross's Fresh Air

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