Fellow Travelers

 A collection of 14 stunning black & white images of Gay liberation pioneers
taken by Mark Thompson, one of the foremost chroniclers of the movement.
Thompson is best known for his influential trilogy of books
dealing with gay spirituality: Gay Spirit (White Crane Books),
Gay Body
, and Gay Soul.

A short video about the show:

Fellow Travelers can next be seen in Arcata, California
for Gay Pride Month in September 2008!
Stay tuned for more details!

Fellow Travelers has exhibited at the LA Gay & Lesbian Center,
the New York Gay & Lesbian Center,
the Los Angeles Episcopal Cathedral,
Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Center, Salt Lake City’s Queer Spirit,
San Francisco Public Library, ONE National Gay Archives
and the Stanislaus Pride Center

If your local GLBT organization or gallery would
be interested in this great exhibit,
please contact us.

White Crane has committed to making Fellow Travelers available to any and
all LGBT communities without respect to ability to pay. To date, we have budgeted
and spent more than $2000 to bring the exhibit to New York, Philadelphia, Portland, and
Modesto California. We welcome any and all contributions to support the
continuation of this important educational exhibit.

If you wish to make a contribution to support this or any other White Crane project, you can make your donation online or by mail.

More on the exhibition:

Read an excerpt from our White Crane interview with Mark Thompson here.

YouTube videos about the exhibit:

Mark Thompson speaks about the Pioneers in the portrait show.
(In Three Parts)




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