RENÉ CREVEL is born in Paris. The only “out” member of the Dada movement of artists he was the founder of a number of short-lived literary magazines. His poetry was filled with death and castration themes. He told anyone who would listen he had been mutilated as an infant by being circumcised.

René Crevel “was born rebellious when others are born with blue eyes”. Suffering from invalidating illnesses from an early age and knowing he would die young, the young boy dedicated his entire short existence to his revolutionary dreams. He first joined André Breton’s Surrealist movement, in 1921 before accompanying Tristan Tzara and the Dada from 1925 after having been expelled from the Surrealist group…René Crevel used his dark and fantastic writings to fight against everything: God, injustices or academicism. He united the avant-garde, high society and his communist combat. Sensing the rise of fascism in Europe, René Crevel exhausted his energy in vainly trying to reconcile Surrealism and Communism – an ultimate exalted battle.

Crevel killed himself just before his 35th birthday. It should be remembered that when André Breton included the question “Suicide: Is It a Solution?” in the first issue of La Revolucion surrealiste in 1925, Crevel was one of those who answered “Yes”. He wrote “It is most probably the most correct and most ultimate solution.”