ANDREW SULLIVAN, born; English-born bore, journalist, a libertarian conservative author and political commentator, distinguished by his often personal style of political analysis, and pioneering achievements in the field of blog journalism.

In May 2001, Village Voice columnist Michael Musto said that Sullivan had anonymously posted advertisements for bareback sex (anal sex without a condom) on America Online and the now-defunct website barebackcity.com. Subsequently, the Italian-American journalist and activist Michelangelo Signorile wrote about the scandal in a front-page article in the New York gay magazine LGNY, igniting a storm of controversy. Later, in a defiant blog post titled Sexual McCarthyism: An article no-one should have to write, Sullivan confirmed the allegations while lashing out at his detractors.

Sullivan’s critics argue that it was hypocritical of Sullivan to engage in this kind of sexual activity while arguing against Gay sexual promiscuity. They claim that the vision of Gay sexuality presented in Sullivan’s writing is at odds with the activities he was said to be engaging in. They also charge that because Sullivan is HIV-positive, it is unsafe for him to engage in sex without a condom. Sullivan’s critics also contend that it is unfair for Sullivan to have criticized Bill Clinton’s’s sexual indiscretions as “reckless” while engaging in unprotected sex himself. This scandal was parodied in the popular television show, Queer As Folk. In one episode, a well-known gay political commentator condemns a 30-year old Gay man for dating an 18-year old, only to be later caught attending a bareback sex party.

In late 2000, Sullivan began his blog, The Daily Dish. The core principle of the blog has been the style of conservatism he views as traditional. This includes fiscal conservatism, limited government, and classic libertarianism on social issues. Sullivan opposes government involvement with respect to sexual and consensual matters between adults, such as the use of marijuana and prostitution. He supported marriage equality as a civil right. 

In February 2007, Sullivan moved his blog from Time to The Atlantic Monthly, where he had accepted an editorial post. His presence was estimated to have contributed as much as 30% of the subsequent traffic increase for The Atlantic‘s website. In 2009, The Daily Dish won the 2008 Weblog Award for Best Blog.

Sullivan left The Atlantic to begin blogging at The Daily Beast in April 2011. In 2013, he announced that he was leaving The Daily Beast to launch The Dish as a stand-alone website, charging subscribers $20 a year. In a note posted on The Dish in January 2015, Sullivan announced his decision to retire from blogging. He posted his final blog entry on February 6, 2015.