Stephan Joseph Steve Kornacki, Jr AKA STEVE KORNACKI was born in Groton, Massachusetts. According to Kornacki he had keen interest in football during his childhood. He won many local and state spelling bee championships. He attended Boston University and graduated in 2001. He is a “nerd’s nerd.”

He is best known for his work as host of the 4 P.M. edition of MSNBC Live and as a former senior political writer at Salon.com.  His big break story was reporting on the Bridgegate scandal of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He has written for The New York Observer, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the New York Daily News, the New York Post, The Boston Globe, and The Daily Beast.

Kornacki was the anchor of much of MSNBC’s The Place for Politics campaign coverage which aired throughout daytime throughout 2016. He has become even more popular as the National Political Correspondent for the NBC News Group, with plans to continue co-hosting the 4 p.m. edition of MSNBC Live with Nicole Wallace. He is widely considered one of the more intelligent writers in the field of politics and his on screen analysis of exit polls for state and national elections has become the “go-to” resource on election nights.

In a 2011 piece for Salon magazine, the handsome, six-foot, two-inch tall Kornacki came out, writing “I was the All-American kid, or so I told myself — good grades, never in trouble, bright future, well-respected by my peers,” Kornacki wrote. “After a trip to Cape Cod with a friend and his family, the kid’s mother said her favorite moment was watching ‘straitlaced Steve’ struggling to make sense of all the hedonism around him when we drove out to Provincetown. I remember seeing drag queens and men dressed in skimpy attire and thinking to myself, Get me out of here so I can watch a baseball game.

Now out and proud Kornacki is one of a growing lineup of media figures who are dispelling the tired myths of what it means to be a gay man or woman. Can you be Gay if you’re a politics nerd who loves sports? The answer is yes.