Nancy Schaefer, president of “Citizens for Public Awareness” in Atlanta, Georgia, announced the group would raise $160,000 to sponsor a ballot initiative to remove Atlanta’s Gay Rights ordinance. She goes on to become a Georgia State Senator and President of the “Eagle Forum”, Phyllis Schlafly’s reactionary organization. These days she’s moved on to pedophilia.  Nancy…I’m sure you know Judge Moore. Both of them fought for displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools and courthouses.

Schaefer was found dead at her home in Turnerville, Georgia in Habersham County in March 2010 with a single gunshot wound to her back along with her husband of 52 years, Bruce Schaefer who was found with a single gunshot wound to his chest. Police concluded the deaths to have been a murder-suicide perpetrated by her husband. Bye Felicia!