Gay Activism in Iran

A really amazing Canadian Broadcasting report on Iran’s Gay Community.  Or perhaps more accurately Gay Life in Iran. Hidden and subversive and overcoming.  Really gripping and amazing for its depiction of the repression and the revolutionary activist community in Iran.  This is a must see report.  These are people who know and experience repression and yet are demanding the right to live their lives.

"The only important thing is that some day I could walk and breathe freely in this country.  And get to choose the one I love and live with him freely.  To have the same rights as the other citizens.  To have the right of legal marriage.  To have the right to adopt a child.  These are very basic things.  It’s not extraordinary at all.  I just hope it’ll actually happen one day.  Hope, hope is all I’ve got.  But it’s a long, hard road ahead of us.  Right now, it’s just a hope.  That’s it."

We only wish the report had made clear that this isn’t unique to Iran.  That many other countries are repressive.  That a lot of these restrictions exist in many states in the United States — where the grand majority of states have taken the time to make their animus toward Gay citizens crystal clearThe life-threatening repression exists in Saudi Arabia and in Iraq and in every Sharia-controlled country in the middle east.  We’d love to hear about exceptions…but don’t know of any.

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