Queer Spirit Retreat – Utah

White Crane is committed to creating and supporting community among Gay men…and your subscriptions and tax deductible donations make it possible…

We have done this through the publishing of White Crane Journal for the past 18 years and have expanded that publishing into keeping classic books of Gay Wisdom and Culture in print through White Crane Books. In 2006 we began the Gay Men’s Health Leadership Academy in partnership with the late Eric Rofes, and have continued it under the able guidance of Chris Bartlett.

The most recent collaboration has been with Salt Lake City therapist and social worker, Jerry Buie, MSW and his Queer Spirit Retreats at Windwalker Ranch. The second of these, a sponsored project of White Crane Institute, was held just this past weekend. Here are some of the comments from those who attended:

"The weekend was well worth the effort to experience not only new friends, but re-experience one’s self."

"The retreat helped me to clarify my own personal vision and have a very peaceful experience with a great group of gay guys." Jerry_pipe_carrier_2

"Thank you for creating a spiritual atmosphere where I could learn about myself, where I could connect with Nature, where I could pull from the Spirits of this universe. I am now more connected as a gay man, to myself and where I can love others."

"Above all thanks. I have come to the understanding that Mormonism is a "story." I have the right to make my story for my life."

"If you’ve ever been interested in exploring Native traditions or gaining a better understanding of your spirituality, this is the retreat for you. The facilitators are sincere, caring and patient. Windwalker Ranch is magical."

For more information, or to register to attend future Queer Spirit Retreats, contact Jerry Buie at Pride Counseling in Salt Lake City at 801-557-9203 or jerrybuie@mac.com

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