Oh puhleeeze!

Flag I don’t know about the rest of you…but I find it, I don’t know…what’s the word? Unseemly? Yes…I find the parading of peoples private faith in front of large audiences for the purpose of getting votes unseemly. I think the term is "Cheap Grace."

The "debates" (and as someone who actually was a debater in high school and college, I use the term in relation to these media events advisedly and very very loosely!) in which the hot topics are whether or not the candidate "believes" in evolution [ask them about the theory of gravity, why don’t they?…see if they believe in that!] and goes on at length about their imaginary friend, er, I mean, their Lord and Savior (again…I’m sorry, but didn’t we fight a Revolutionary War precisely for the purpose of getting rid of "lords"?….just asking) as if it meant anything at all, while larger far more real issues of education, health care that will effect the future of this nation for generations to come and a foreign policy that has set back our position in the world community for a generation go blithely unanswered is so frightening to me it’s hard to compose a rational response! That the television networks focus on these non-issues, further riling up the excitable unwashed masses to a frenzy…the greedy collusion between our Ruling Classes and the Corporate Classes…Giuliani_2

The RepubliCrats and the Demublicans have pretty much sewn up any real debate and locked out any serious third (or fourth, or fifth) parties from speaking to issues about the emperor’s clothing situation we find ourselves in. Perhaps instead of "bringing Democracy to the world" we ought to start worrying about what’s happening to our own home-grown version of it? Why isn’t this administration being impeached wholesale? No reasonable person thinks that they’ve accomplished anything but to bring us one debacle after another.

I’m  tired of the bread and circus banalities that pass for serious conversation.

I’m tired of the dumbing down…the conflation of "faith" with reason, the confusion of religion and science.

Science is not a matter of opinion. It is not up for debate…it’s open to discovery. And reasonable proof.

I’m appalled that a "creationist museum"  could be opened in this country and no one seems to be even slightly embarrassed by it. This is a level of flat out IGNORANCE that is breathtaking and dangerous.

When the hell is America going to wake up?

Just asking.

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