The Learning Curve: An Apology and An Explanation

72cover If I recall the phrase correctly it’s "never complain, never explain."

…and whoever said that never published a magazine.

Many of you have been contacting us complaining (rightfully) that you haven’t received the spring issue yet.

That would be because it is two months late.

As I have explained to those who have contacted us, what little hair I have left is now greatly diminished as a result. So here’s what happened:

When last we spoke of this, the printer we had been using since Toby was publisher, in Texas, simply disappeared <POOF!> just before we put out the winter issue, which was also late because of this unforeseen complication.

And as you may also have noticed with the winter issue, we’re looking a lot prettier, a lot sleeker and a lot more colorful. That’s the good part of finding a new printer.

The bad part of finding a new printer is we have a whole set of new specifications and picture formats and guidelines and requirements that we’ve never had before. There’s a reason we’re prettier and sleeker and more colorful. Our newfound sophistication comes at a price.

Mba0508l_4 It’s called "a learning curve." And we took this one a little too fast.

And, boy…did it throw us for a loop! We really thought we had it down… pictures all in the right format, everything off to the printers in a timely manner. What could possibly go wrong?! 

The answer is: Everything and anything.

That’s when we discovered that some of our mail from the printer was being shunted into our spam file. A whole week and a half had gone by before we discovered that the printer wasn’t happy with what we’d sent and we needed to make some changes.

This added yet another few days to the mess…and by the time we got things back to the printers we’d lost our place in the printing line-up. We had to go to the end of the line. Which meant that we had to wait yet another two weeks before the issue was printed…and then another few days to geLearning20curve_2t it to the distribution folks. And there you have it.

Or you don’t…and as a result, you, our devoted and patient subscribers, haven’t seen the spectacular, cinemascopic issue on Movies with it’s cast of thousands.

Unless, of course, you have…because I am assured that the mailing went out this week and you should have the spring issue, pictured above and excerpted here…soon…very very soon.

And we are very very sorry. We are working to make sure it never happens again. And as an apology, we are extending every subscription by an issue. So if your subscription ended with the Summer issue this year, it will now end with the fall issue…etc.

And thank you for your support….and understanding.

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