the Red Cross
won’t take
my blood
but mosquitoes
why are they
so hard
to kill
they orbit
so much
I rarely
when I do
it is an
old mosquito
about to be
sent to
assisted living
that gives
itself up
to my clap
in that rare
instant when
I win
a million more
are born
and I
begin again


Franklin Abbott
22 July 2007
Stone Mountain

The Red Cross will not accept blood from men who are or have ever been sexually active with other men, a point of controversy in the gay community.  Only female mosquitoes are blood suckers.  Males dine on flower nectar.

Mosquitoes do have flight patterns that confuse us.  They evolved long before we did.
In old Japan mosquitoes were thought to be Preta, souls of people whose misdeeds in former
lives reincarnated them as blood suckers.  Given the number of mosquitoes in my back yard alone
there must be lots of wicked humans in past generations. 

Buzzzzzz, here comes one now.

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