A Poet of Our Own…

Delaware_poetry_review_2 I’m doing this because Dan, who is, I believe, immoderately modest, won’t.

Dan, who so ably and beautifully conspires with me to realize this idea he and I share called White Crane, is also a poet of the D.C. variety, and has two poems recently published in the Delaware Poetry Review.

One of them is a particular favorite of mine…Emily Dickinson At the Poetry Slam because I love Emily Dickenson…and because I love Dan.

And please, visit his website to see more…

One thought on “A Poet of Our Own…”

  1. Wow.
    This was pretty sweet of you.
    Still trying to define what “a poet of the DC variety” means.
    Seriously though, it’s nice of you to give a heads up. I too love the Emily Dickinson poem.

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