WC73 Table of Contents


White Crane #73 – The Friends Issue


Opening Words  “Friends”
The Editors
Call for Submissions
Contribution Information
Subscriber Information


Gay Men’s Friendships: An Academic Look
The White Crane Interview with Peter Nardi
Bo Young & Dan Vera

Taking Issue

Friend, Feminist, Faerie Godmother: Ann Roy 
Robert Croonquist
No Gate But Friendship
Isa Kocher
Visions Of Christ: Gender & Justice
Shawna Bethel
Separating Ourselves By Age Group
Frank Pizzoli
David, Just As He Was
K.G. Schneider


Go Rouse James
Hiram Larew
Thomas Colby
The Beginning of A Wonderful Friendship
Mark Thompson
Ode To A Friend
James Broughton


Bare Traces: Photographs of a Past


Dan Vera
Eric Riley
Owner’s Manual “Who’s In Charge?”
Jeff Huyett
Frank Talk "Drugs are (Sometimes) Good For You"
Frank Jackson
PRAXIS “The Consummate Friend”
Andrew Ramer

Culture Reviews

Kim Roberts on Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium
Steven LaVigne on Jorge Luis Seco’s The Only Sun I Need
Steven LaVigne on Toby Johnson & Steve Berman’s
Charmed Lives: Gay Spirit in Storytelling
Steven LaVigne on Michael McColly’s The After Death Room
Dan Vera on Jeff Mann’s On The Tongue

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