Tim Gunn on J. Edgar Hoover – REDUX

Vivianhoover_2Dan first put this on the blog way back in March of 2008. But because Tim Gunn's story relates to a Thanksgiving in his family, I thought it was a worthy piece of humor for this Thanksgiving. Enjoy…

 I recently came across this video of Tim Gunn being interviewed at the 92nd Street Y by Budd Mishkin.   

If you're a fan of Project Runway than  you know Gunn for his sartorial wit and this clip presents an excerpt from what seemed to be a lovely conversation.  Gunn speaks sweetly about the awkward relationship with his father who worked for the FBI. 

Gunn also tells a great story about his father perhaps enabling J. Edgar Hoover's cross-dressing.  It involves Vivian Vance and is quite funny.  You've got to watch it!

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