Tudors Slash

We’re putting the final touches on the Summer issue of White Crane and this always serves as my opportunity to really drink in the submissions.  I discovered in his reviews  Murder In The Vatican that Toby Johnson is an avid watcher of Showtime’s The Tudors.  I’ve been a fan too.  It’s wrapping up its second season and even though the previews and opening credits make it out like some medieval Victoria’s Secret catalog, I find the show itself filled with intrigue and information.  Henry Cavill is one of the breakout stars, at least on this side of the pond.  He plays the Duke of Suffolk Charles Brandon and pretty much steals the show whenever he gets in front of the camera. 

Anyway, I decided to post this youtube as a thanks to Toby.  As you’ll see a fan has gone to all the trouble of making an edited little film that makes it seem that there’s more going on between King Henry and his best friend.  One can only imagine.

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