Violence is your middle name

A battered rose sits on my desk
People have walked and stamped over it
I had to send my heart away to the ER
I walk around with a heart made of rubber and polymer
I often have to clean out my rubber heart, since blood collects on some of the valves

" You are a pathological liar"
Bitter Twisted words from men who were once brothers!
"Have you been telling people I am HIV+?"
"You are lucky I did not call immigration on you"

Twisted words are always meant to hurt
Are you happy now?
Yes my heart is now made of rubber
Yes my brain is numb from shattered dreams and ideologies

White washed joys and sanitized TV dinners are my get aways

This is what you intended right?
To Tear apart another brown bother?
In my pain I remain numb!
I have forgotten I am alive
Do you remember that we flew kites and chased bugs once upon a time?
Do you remember teaching me how to cook Lamb curry?
Do you remember tears and bollywood over rum and Vodka?

Or those were just moments from within the Matrix
A single push of button..
that was just an illusion

I believe VIOLENCE is your middle name Cycle

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