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I am SOOOO behind on posting here: the Harvey Milk Memorial (for which White Crane was a sponsor)..the Lammys (now moved to Los Angeles)…a wonderful party thrown for White Crane by Mark Thompson and Malcolm Boyd (with the lovely literati of L.A. in attend)…the Cockettes in New York (the performance, last night, was beyond brilliant)…more on that in good time…

…but for now, let’s celebrate an out Gay athlete, Aussie 10-meter platform diver, Matthew Mitcham, who will be thrilling one and all in China this summer.

Matthewmitcham_narrowweb__300x450_2 I have serious reservations about the Olympics in China, which seem like nothing so much as Berlin 1936 redux. But months out from the Games, Mitcham has taken the courageous step (as opposed to the a career-advancing step) of revealing his sexuality to the media for the first time (when it might actually hurt him). Mitcham has applied for a grant through a Johnson & Johnson Athlete Family Support Program to have his life partner, Lachlan near him in Beijing. Any readers Down Under might think about sending a note in a J&J direction.

"We can’t afford for Lachlan to go at the moment," Mitcham said. "But Johnson & Johnson offer grants to go to Beijing and I’ve nominated Lachlan as the support person I want to go." It’s not only Lachlan who has helped Mitcham to Beijing. His coach, Chava Sobrino, had faith in him when no one else did and resurrected his career. Former athlete Sarina Bratton cares for him like a son and fellow diver Alex Croak is a constant sounding board and his best friend.

"That little support network has made my dream possible," Mitcham said. "It would have been impossible and I probably wouldn’t have made it without their help."

True Gold.

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