Gold Medal Gay

So, I haven’t caught a lot of the Olympics but was delighted to see someone had posted this video footage of the amazing Australian diver Matthew Mitcham.  He was the first openly Gay Olympian to win a gold medal — a fact that NBC with all of their "tell every angle of a biography", FAILED TO MENTION in any of their coverage.

As After Elton mentioned:

It was an amazing end to a journey that saw Mitcham quit the sport in 2006, come back in 2007 and declare himself a gay man in 2008. The 20-year-old Australian has battled depression, and partying had replaced training in his daily routine until he got back in the pool and he regained his athletic focus.

Anyway, his dives are just fantastic and his teary response after its all done is amazing.  This includes all his dives, the awards ceremony and his charging the stands to embrace his mother and his longtime partner.  Enjoy!

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