The Dysfunctional Immigrant

Amader Janye Chinta Korona! Thakur Tomar bhalo Karun.

Do not worry about us! May God bless you.

She writes everytimeImages

It’s almost a routine now; "This card delivers 100% of time if used at one time"

23 years of love and nurturing reduced to long distance phone calls and emails written in perfect Benglish.

Delicious home cooked curries now reduced to boxed meals

Freedom from dust, heat and silent cruising ventures; reduced to counting change and dialing for the cheapest immigration attorney!

A nation of immigrants and a nation of xenophobes

Passports, embassies and bio-security

All tightly box this once towering ego

Internet porn and quick hookups

Chemical induced fantasies

The witch of Tideland

Is all that makes up a "Dysfunctional Immigrant"

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