Save Radical Religious Terrorists…Win Valuable Prizes


Cathy Renna has alerted us that New York is about to be slimed.

Apparently Congregation Beth Simchat Torah will be subjected to the blandishments of Kansas bigot, Fred ("God Hates You") Phelps and the inbred members of his Westboro congregation family, this Sunday.

Led by Phelps, the Westboro Baptist Church is a hatemongering organization known most widely for picketing the funeral of Matthew Shepard, for their protests at the funerals of servicemen killed in Iraq, and most recently, for protesting at the funeral of Officer Stephen Tyrone Johns, the security officer killed at the National Holocaust Museum in Washington.

Inspired by a gift from fine furniture magnate, Mitchell Gold, CBST will be participating, as many other LGBT organizations have, in a fundraising effort to counteract the attacks by this group.

10 dollar bill Gold has pledged $10 per minute that the Westboro Baptist Church representatives are picketing. Their presence will benefit us! We can tell them each minute how much they are raising for the GLBT community!!

Congregation Beth Simchat Torah requests that if you have a tallit (a prayer shawl, usually worn at Shabbat morning services and whenever the Torah is recited) please bring it.

The also request that if you would like to make colorful signs, please consider using:

"We are all created in God's image"
"God loves all of us"
"God made me gay"

…and similar messages

8:45 AM on Sunday, June 21st at our Bethune location.

I'd like to suggest some other colorful signage:

"Your God seems awfully testy." or "Your God is not my God…get over it." or "Maybe Your God Needs Some Anger Management Counseling."

So…$10 a minute…times 60 minutes per hour is $600…I say let's see how long we can keep them there…

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