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White Crane #71
Winter 2006-2007


We hope you enjoy these excerpts of our most recent issue.
White Crane is a reader-written, reader-supported magazine. Published for over 17 years, it was a 2004 Utne Independent Press nomination for spirituality coverage, and the longest continually published journal of Gay culture and ideas in the U.S.

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Opening Words The Editors Dan Vera & Bo Young
Call for Submissions
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Midnight at The Palace:
The Cockettes & The New Bohemia
The White Crane Interview with Sweet Pam
By Robert Croonquist & Bo Young

Portrait of an Artist as Zen Monk
The White Crane Interview with Don Bachardy

By Victor Marsh

Four Nude Portraits by Don Bachardy

Updrafts by Dan Vera
re:Sources by Eric Riley
Frank Talk “Does the Religious Right Just Need to Get Laid?” by Frank Jackson
PRAXIS “Bohemian Splendor” by Andrew Ramer

Taking Issue
Poetics & Consciousness: Why Howl Still Matters After Fifty Years By David Carter
Spanbauer on Spender by Tom Spanbauer
Isherwood And Auden by David Garrett Izzo
Long-Haired Men & Short-Haired Women:
Hidden Bohemia in Los Angeles by Stuart Timmons

Angels On A Pinhead: The Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence by Sr. Soami
Death of the Wild Nun: Assunta Femia Remembered by Arthur Evans

Silence of the Lamb Cakes by Gregg Shapiro
Flaneur by Ed Madden
Bally’s Bocher by Jacob J. Staub

Culture & Books
Toby Johnson on Howard E. Cook’s Be Done On Earth
Toby Johnson on Joe Perez’s Rising Up: Reflections on Gay Culture, Politics, and Spirit

Bo Young on Lillian Faderman and Stuart Timmons’ Gay L.A.: A History of Sexual Outlaws, Power Politics, and Lipstick Lesbians
Jay Michaelson on John Cameron Mitchell’s Shortbus

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