Survey For and About Families of Color

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Lifting Voices, a survey for and about Families of Color

Dear friends and colleagues, as many of you know Family Equality Council just launched Project Harmony.

Project Harmony is a voice for families of color within and outside of Family Equality Council. As such our mission as a program is to actively raise issues relevant to our combined oppressions, leading us to challenge ourselves and the overall LGBTQ movement on our assumptions and actions; raise and promote an anti-oppression agenda with, for and by our 40,000+ constituent membership, partnerships and programs; promote racial equality and economic opportunities that include, but are not limited to, access to services, maintaining cultural heritage in mixed race adoptions, building community for those in mixed raced families, and to support and work collectively with other local, statewide, and national organizations to address oppression

As part of this project we will be conducting a participatory research initiative which will produce a report on the conditions of LGBTQ-headed Families of Color to guide program creation and capacity building for the Family Equality movement and organizations.

The quantitative part of this project is the Lifting Voices Survey. We would like to encourage you to distribute the link to the survey and promote the participation of your members and colleagues on it!

To fill out the survey please visit: and click on the Lifting Voices Survey Box!!!!!!

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