Rise Up and Shout!

RISEUP_FILM_POSTER_Small Got some good news in the morning email (almost called it "the post" which has a whole new meaning now) from psychotherapist and filmmaker, Brian Gleason, who works so hard in Los Angeles.

Some of you may be familiar with the Rise Up & Shout! project with which White Crane has been associated. It started in Los Angeles, with people like Brian, Malcolm Boyd, Don Kilhefner, Mark Thompson (I'm leaving out many, may other names of people…this kind of thing takes dozens of people…just don't have them in front of me as I write. I'll find them and include them later, promise) working with young GLBT people in L.A. to produce a talent show showcasing their various and sundry talents.

More importantly, it offered young GLBT people a chance to come in contact with elder GLBT people and let the intergenerational transfer of wisdom and experience mingle with the exuberance and freshness of youth. The first Rise Up & Shout, was a live stage production at the Barnsdall Park theater, directed by award-winning Broadway director, Jim Pentacost, and benefited White Crane, among others. And it was filmed by Brian Gleason.

That film will now receive the wider audience it deserves when it is aired on the Sundance Channel, later this month. The schedule is:

Mon 06/22/09 9:00PM       Sat 06/27/09 3:35PM       Sun 06/28/09 06:40AM

This is MUST SEE TELEVISION folks! Stirring, inspiring, touching. Worth getting cable for, even.

Check your local listings, as they say, for airtimes in your area.


2 thoughts on “Rise Up and Shout!”

  1. Another great documentary film recommendation for you: Saint of 9/11 premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, it is a loving tribute to Fire Department Chaplain Father Mychal Judge: parish priest, streetwise New Yorker, recovering alcoholic, and proud homosexual who gave his life on September 11 after administering last rites to a fallen firefighter. “Saint of 9/11” traces the journey and struggles of a man whose compassion touched the world. The film is narrated by Sir Ian McKellen.

    Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkAUpSljQw4

  2. I know the film well, as I knew Father Mychal, too, I might add. I was the Parish Council president of an Upper West Side parish where a good friend of Father Mychal’s was in residence (oddly, his name was Michael). We would visit with Mychal frequently at his parish house.

    Our purpose, with the GayWisdom blog is not necessarily to promote every gay-centric film, but to give notice to those that would normally not “be on the radar.” “Saint of 9/11” got lots of notice (particularly here in NYC) when it came out, so we didn’t think it needed any boost (if that’s what it is) from us.

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