WC75 – Table of Contents

White Crane Issue #75


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Frank Talk
“Strangelove: Or How I Finally Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Bears”  by Frank Jackson
Owner’s Manual
“Hitting thePause Button”  by Jeff Huyett

PRAXIS  “Bear Essentials” by Andrew Ramer


Call for Submissions
Letters to the Editors
Contribution Information
Subscriber Information

75wuvableoafTaking Issue

Dracaena  Art by Joe Pop
Bear Spirit  Les Wright
Getting To Know My Beast  Ed Ehrgott
Beards, Body Hair & Brawn:
Reflections of a Muscle Bear
  Jeff Mann
Self Portrait  Art by Steven Miller
Self Portrait  Art by Pi
Wuvable Oaf Comics by Ed Luce
Embracing The Bear  Jeffrey Michels
Mid-Morning  Art by Frank Muzzy
When The Bears Go Over The Mountain Ron Suresha


"Sexual History, with action figures" by Ed Madden
"Before Spring But After New Years" by Keith Jenkins

Culture Reviews

Toby Johnson on Steve Berman’s Vintage: A Ghost Story
Kim Roberts on Walt Whitman’s Franklin Evans
Toby Johnson on Kitt Cherry’s
Art That Dares:  Gay Jesus, Woman Christ and More

Jason Mayernick on Sandor Katz’s
The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved!

Toby Johnson on Mark Tedesco’s
That Undeniable Longing: My Road To and From the Priesthood

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